Best Off-road Vehicles for Dubai Desert Safari

Land Rover:


The discovery of Land Rover is amazingly based on the high-tech dashboard, luxurious and magnificent interiors and most importantly, consists of off-road abilities. The Land Rover is considered an excellent family car that can provide a remarkably comfortable cabin with high safety features. 


Nissan Patrol:


The Nissan Patrol is considered the vehicle with great potential to roam in Dubai Desert Safari. Additionally, the fantastic and most noticeable feature of this ride is its engine, which is powerful and light in weight. It is considered the highly preferable vehicle to bash the dunes in the Dubai Desert Safari. Nissan Patrol is the only tough competitor against Toyota Land Cruiser. That's why many Dune bashers and Bedouin consider it the best option. 


Benefits of Land Rover regarding Desert:


  • It provides an incredibly excellent experience for on-road and off-road rides.
  • It consists of seven forward-facing seats and holds the safest SUV.
  • It has a beautiful design and a V8 engine, which is the most potent engine.



When selecting your vehicle for a desert safari trip in Dubai, consider the given below necessary points.

  • Always ensure safety measures. A scary ride in dunes proves to be extremely dangerous and terrific, particularly in the absence of professional and skilled drivers. It is not enough; suitable vehicles are also necessary. One important thing to note is, two hard and soft dunes. In this way, only skilled drivers can differentiate through their eyes as they are experienced in all aspects.
  • One should consider snowshoes while choosing the tires for a safari vehicle. The wider tires will best prevent the vehicle from sinking in the sand.
  • While driving in the sand, you should remember to minimize the tire pressure from 18 to 20 psi. After this, if you have to hit the road, then refill the vehicle tires and increase the pressure as soon as possible.
  • If there are not many heavy things in the vehicle, there are fewer chances to sink and get stuck in the sand. If stuck in the sand, put out all the heavy stuff from the car and get it out from the sand.
  • If you want to drive around the vast dunes, luxury vehicles are available for climbing.
  • If the vehicle is sunk in the sand, remember two things. Firstly, drop the pressure of tires to 16 psi. Secondly, stop the car immediately.
  • Momentum is mandatory, so always limit your speed moderately, mainly in lowlands. In this way, understand the place and keep the speed as needed.
  • Avoid driving on the desert vegetation because there is a risk of interior damage to vehicles. Moreover, the car can get poorly stuck in the sand.
  • Avoid making sharp and instant turns.
  • Connect to the organizer if you run out of gasoline or water.



Drawbacks or Limitations of Land Rover:


  • It rides well on off-road and solid rock but not on dunes.
  • Because of its powerful engine, the vehicle is more prone to sink in the desert sand. 


Range Rover Experience in Dubai Desert:


It is also one of the deluxe vehicles along with luxury SUVs. It gives the feeling of riding in the Sedan during the safari. The Range Rover is one of the most liked vehicles of the elite because of its incredible features, comfort, and luxurious look. 


Moreover, it also has the most potent engine known as V8. That's why it is the best vehicle for an off-road ride, as in the Dubai Desert. 


Benefits of Range Rover:


  • It provides off-road comfort and luxury, which is not compatible with anyone else's vehicle.
  • It comes with a high potential engine and has high-tech off-road characteristics. 
  • The interior of the vehicle is quite luxurious and has swift acceleration. 
  • It involves the safest features which prevent any injury. Additionally, it has a beautiful design that amazes you at first glance. 


Drawbacks and Limitations of Range Rover regarding Off-road:


  • It generates vibrations when riding off-road because of giant rims. Vibration results when the boundaries resonate. 
  • There is minimal chassis, so there is a risk of vehicles getting sunk into the sand.


As the Range Rover has a luxurious design and silent cabin, it is powerful and safe for desert safari rides in Dubai. It proves extremely good and helpful while doing stunts in the sand. 



Benefits of Nissan Patrol regarding Off-road:


  • It has a smooth transmission and Monster 5.6L V8 engine. 
  • It has a more expansive inner space for luggage and people and can tow machines. 
  • Nissan Patrol comes with a rugged design and has multi-purpose rooms or a cabin.


Drawbacks and Limitations of Nissan Patrol:


  • It uses much fuel, so-known as fuel-thirsty
  • It has in-city maneuvering and Bulky dimensions. 




Hummer is the US military car mainly designed for the gulf war. It can do heavy-duty along with a powerful engine and interior space. This is also beneficial for Desert Safari Dubai


Benefits of Hummer:


  • It comes with a rugged design and can perform heavy duty
  • A highly potential engine is known as V8.
  • It has multi-purpose rooms and has a spacious interior. 
  • It consists of big tires to ride well in rough places. 




  • Bulky structure
  • It can sink in the sand because of its heavy weight.


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