Top 10 incredible facts about the desert safari Dubai that people should know:

Suppose any person wants to know the best and famous attraction of Dubai. The desert safari is the most famous place in Dubai. The Arabian desert and the thrilling activities are the main attraction that attracts too many people worldwide. Here in the desert safari Dubai you will find too many exciting and thrilling activities to perform. It would be best not to miss the dune bashing, quad biking, and many others. However, now we will tell you the ten cool facts that you should know about the desert safari Dubai. 


Ten cool things about desert safari Dubai:


If you plan to visit the Desert Safari Dubai, it is essential to know these things. It would help if you read the entire article and know these things that are given below.


Experience of sheer sandboarding:


Various people like the sandboarding activity. This is because people want to test their skills about sliding on the dunes. This activity looks like snowboarding, but it is different. Remember that if you fall on the sand, there is no harm. So, you don't have to worry if you don't have experience with sandboarding. 


Dune drive on red dunes:


It is considered the most impressive and thrilling activity of Dubai's desert safari. You can experience dune bashing with the help of a 4x4 vehicle. These vehicles include the Nissan Patrol, Land Cruiser, Hummer, and others. You will feel the roller coaster at the time of performing this activity. 


The best camel ride:


With the help of this activity, you can enjoy the camel ride. However, this camel ride is cheerful, and you can explore the Arabian desert with the help of a camel. When you sit on the camel, this thing will allow you to take some fantastic pictures. Other than this, you can also experience how people travel on the camel. 


However, if we talk about the other photography options, you can take pictures by holding falcons. The next opportunity is the time of sunrise and sunset. 


Adventurous quad bike:


If you are an adult and know how to drive the bike, then the quad bike is the most exciting activity. This activity is considered the best activity, and many people go for the desert safari, especially to enjoy the quad bike ride. But if you don't know how to ride a bike, don't worry because the administrators will guide you. But make sure to follow all the instructions before riding the quad bike. 


Experience of Bedouin camp:


This is another exciting activity you can experience at the Dubai desert safari. You can experience live entertainment shows and a BBQ dinner in this camp. At this dinner, you will have too many different dishes. Trust us; these dishes are more delicious than the entire world's food. Other than this, in the live entertainment show, you will enjoy belly dance and other performances. 


Overnight camping:


If you want to spend your entire night in the desert safari Dubai, overnight camping is for you. It provides you with the experience of magical creatures in the Arabian sand. The best thing about this camp is the following day's breakfast. So, we recommend you spend the entire night. 


Beautiful henna painting:


The henna painting is the traditional act of placing designs on your body parts. However, in the Middle East, the henna painting signifies marriage ceremonies. Professionals perform the henna painting activity. Besides this, you can avail this activity in the regular desert safari tour packages. 


Unlimited beverages and eats:


After performing all the activities and exploring the desert, you will get soft drinks, tea, coffee, and various snacks. At this time, you will get fantastic pleasure with the help of soft drinks and snacks. However, the alcohol is not available, but still, you can buy it with some extra money. 


Opportunities for photography:


In this desert safari Dubai tour, you will get a photo session for various places. You will get this opportunity when performing activities like quad biking, dune bashing, and others. Other than this, you can avail yourself of the special photo session at the time of the camel ride. The next photo session is holding falcons, henna painting, and when you enjoy the live entertainment shows. 




Live entertainment shows:


We will experience the fire shows, belly dance, and the classic Tanoura show in the live entertainment shows. Professionals will perform these live entertainment shows. These shows are for 6 hours to 15 hours. One condition to enjoy these live entertainment shows is that you must select famous tour operators. If you are planning to visit the overnight Dubai Desert Safari then we recommend you not to miss these shows. Too many people visit the desert safari Dubai just to experience the live entertainment shows. 


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