Desert safari Dubai: These things will prove to be helpful while planning

Dubai trip is incomplete when you are with friends and family but have not to do a Desert safari. One should not miss the adventure and entertainment of 5 to 6 hours. You can do many adventurous tasks like sandboarding, dune bashing, camel riding, heat ballooning, and quad biking in this adventure. Many other different duties also include. 


Desert Safari:


Dubai is one of the best cities for tourism as it offers several unique and charming activities to do like Desert Safari in Dubai. People say Dubai has everything for everyone. Let suppose you want to go for moderate shopping or luxurious one; you can have several malls from where you can buy. If you want to get best packages of desert safari then click on this link.


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That’s why several people have a huge desire to visit Dubai at least once in their life to indulge in the renowned charm, taste, culture, and adventure. Before visiting Dubai, one should know the beautiful places to visit to make your tour memorable. So here you will know the extremely adventurous place to stay in Dubai. 


Dubai Desert Safari - Dhow Cruise


The trip and tour companies offer different packages which involve various services. These services are mostly the same in the case of all companies. But few well-known trip organizers provide some extra stuff. There is a desert safari package that involves Dhow Cruise.


If you select desert safari with a dhow cruise, it will be perfect for you. After the desert safari session, you will get the opportunity to enjoy your evening or overnight safari in this wooded dhow. Here is a great feast and Tanoura dance for their visitors. 


Many trip operator offers this package, and you can book your booking online. Additionally, the trip schedule is 8:30 pm. One should follow the time strictly as the ship will not wait for anyone. 


Dinner in Desert Safari Package


No one can skip this session as it involves the most sumptuous feast of the time. One should imagine the scenery of Dubai desert night when you sit in the vast desert, under the sky full of stars, and enjoy a traditional night. It is a peaceful night surrounded by a cold desert you have ever experienced. 


Moreover, you can do a BBQ in the desert to enjoy the night. It is also part of the package to make your trip unforgettable. Additionally, there is Arabic dance at the camp, dinner, Lamb Chops, and Coffee. There are special drinks for all like shisha, alcohol, etc... 


For those who desire a Quad biking ride, it is an optimal and entertaining activity involved in the packages. You can do red dune bashing by this fantastic ride. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to ride a Quad bike, don’t worry; motorists are present at the place; they direct you very well.


Other Activities in Dubai Desert Safari:


In the morning desert safari, you can experience the adventure of red heaven. It includes sandboarding adventures, and many sportspeople like to do it on the sand. It is their first experience floating on the sand in the desert beside the water waves. Moreover, you can enjoy the dune bashing while sitting in the air-conditioned 4x4 vehicles.


It helps you explore the true beauty of golden sand particles that spread all over the desert.  Besides all these, there are many other activities in the package like hot air balloons, horse riding, a Falconry show, and many other things. You can capture all these moments on your camera to make the trip unforgettable.


Desert Safari Bab AL Shams Dinner


You can plan your desert safari with the known Bab Al Shams restaurant. It is located far from the hustle of the city. For those who want to have a peaceful dinner in the desert, it is the best place. In this way, many trip planners include the feast of this hotel in their package. 

However, it is located in the middle of the desert; you will be amazed when you glance at it because it has elite design construction and is incredibly lavish. 


Hatta Mountain Safari Dubai


The other places one should consider visiting in Dubai include the Hatta mountain safari. It is also one of the most favorite places to visit in Dubai. These mountains hold historical and cultural meanings. These mountains comprise an oasis landscape and a blue water lake in between.  It is considered a breathless experience for the tourist. You can take stunning pictures at this point. 


VIP Desert Safari Dubai


The organizer of the trip and tour offer one of the deluxe services, known as VIP desert safari in Dubai. It is magnificent and adventurous. It includes many activities like BBQ Buffet, camel ride, henna tattoos, reddish Lahab desert ride. Tanoura dancing with flame show and night spend in the outside pub.


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