Top Dubai Desert Activities To Experience

The desert is one of the most unfamiliar natural areas for Dubai. So, a vacation in the desert can be unusual and memorable entertainment.


To visit Dubai, we have compiled a guide to exciting activities in the desert that you should experience for yourself. ATV racing, hot air ballooning, falconry, and even a night in the sand under the stars.


Experience a little taste of life in the desert:


Safari is one of the most popular activities in the desert. You can go on such a journey with an experienced driver or drive yourself. Your SUV will cut through the dunes, rush along the edges of cliffs, climb steep slopes, and again rapidly descend the dune. During the tour, several stops are provided, including at the territory of the Bedouin camp. 

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Quad biking:


Take a taxi to get to Dubai's most famous Big Red Dune. It is here that you can rent an ATV and a helmet and drive around the sandy sea, conquering one dune after another and filling yourself and other riders with sand. 


You can immediately try riding a motorcycle on the dunes for lovers of extreme sports, but be careful; this activity requires skill and preparation. As the locals call it, Dune Big Red, or Al-Hamar, is visible from the Dubai-Hatta highway (E44). Ask a taxi driver to wait for you or rent a car for the day. 




This is entertainment for real thrill-seekers. Sandboarding is riding on dunes on a board that resembles a snowboard. A lot of new impressions and sand in your mouth are guaranteed. You can drive to the Big Red dune on your own and rent a sandboard there, but many companies in Dubai offer special tour packages. 


These offers are all-day tours and include a desert safari on a Hummer and a sandboarding session that teaches you how to glide smoothly down the sandy slopes.




If you are not a fan of extreme sports and do not like the creaking of sand on your teeth, do not be discouraged - there will also be entertainment in the desert for you. For example, you are flying in a hot air balloon. 


The desert impresses with its scale on the ground, but it is even more impressive from a bird's eye view. Endless sands, dunes of the Dubai National Desert Reserve, illuminated by the first rays of the sun (all flights take place at dawn), will not leave you indifferent and make you feel like a hero of an oriental fairy tale.


Camel tour: 


This traditionally Arabian adventure is hard to resist: crossing the dunes, imagining oneself as the hero of a fairy tale of a thousand and one nights, is interesting not only for tourists but even for residents. 


Camel tours offer a 40-minute journey accompanied by an interesting educational lecture and camel milk tasting, and the opportunity to take many photos of the desert and camels. 


Night in the desert:


Suppose you are comfortable and do not want to part with it even in the desert. In that case, the spa resort in the Dubai Sands Reserve will offer you luxurious camping accommodation in tented villas with a private infinity pool. 


Don't miss the opportunity to take a camel ride through the dunes at sunset - epic views guaranteed! If you book a villa with a picture of the natural oases, then in the morning, you will have the opportunity to watch the watering of gazelles and white oryxes.


Sleep under Arabian stars:


Get in your car and hit the road just before sunset to head into the desert. For an unforgettable experience, book a big stroller as the blazing sun meets the orange sand on the horizon. After ample photo opportunities, return to the camp by camel and then get ready to practice belly dancing with emirate instructors. 


Treat yourself to an open bar unless it's Ramadan and henna. Once you've finished your BBQ dinner, settle in for a night of stargazing and storytelling from expert guides.


Uncover the desert ecosystem:


Discover a different side of the desert on this nature safari. Aboard a 4×4, you will navigate through the desert. Here you will discover the unique flora and fauna that thrive in this harsh climate. Keep binoculars to spot wildlife. 


After the tour, relax with a traditional breakfast among the dunes, and then pack your bags and head back to your hotel, where you will have plenty of time to explore the big city.


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For those who are not big fans of overnight camping but want to experience life in the desert, an evening safari allows guests to enjoy a few hours under the Arabian moon and then take them back to the city. 


With service right from your hotel's door, travel to a luxury camp in a Toyota Land Cruiser and then transfer to a buggy for some dune bashing. Soak up the party atmosphere with henna tattoos and live performances, and then enjoy desert dinners of fried shrimp, apricot stew, lamb, and fresh salads.


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